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NEW Media Watch: Social Security Campaign

Propaganda experts, politicians and media pundits are promoting falsehoods, aka LIES, about Social Security. WHY? They want to justify cutting its benefits for current and future beneficiaries.

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Healthcare Reform

The Gray Panthers locally and nationally have been fighting hard on health care reform.  We continue to support a single payer system as the most affordable, accessible and effective solution, yet are also working with others to ensure that some form of public option for health care be included in legislation.


The Top Two Local Gray Panthers Issues

  1. Ageism
  2. Policies that pit one generation against another

The Top Four National Gray Panther Issues

  1. Health Care
  2. Environmental Justice
  3. Peace & Community Safety
  4. Jobs and workers Rights


  1. Get Informed – read about the issues, attend workshops or events
  2. Inform Others – share your information with others, correct misinformation
  3. Speak Out – attend events, rallies, protests
  4. Partner With Others – find groups supporting your position and join in their actions
  5. Share Your Views – write letters to the editor, write or call your elected officials
  6. Organize – gather like minded people and plan actions together
  7. Vote!
  8. Join Gray Panthers

For information on ageism and intergenerational policies click on the Ageism tab on our menu and from the Ageism page look for “Creating an Age-Integrated Society.”

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Ageism Video

Ripening: Thoughts About Aging and Ageism


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