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DuPont? Corian? is an advanced mineral-filled acrylic material with homogeneous colour throughout and non-toxic. Large panel sizes of. DuPont? Corian? EC are rated in Class B, s1, d0 for back-ventilated fa?ade panelling and can therefore be used in buildings up to 22 metres high, according to local certification.【Get Price】

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Jan 30, 2018 In a properly designed ventilated fa?ade, glass repels 90 to 100 percent of the wind-driven rain and moisture. With certain materials, it can deteriorate a building's frame, exterior, and interior surfaces and lead to severe cases of mold, resulting in health hazards for building occupants. Holes, gaps 【Get Price】

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This document provides an overview of Corian? exterior cladding material in ventilated fa?ade systems for the North American region. Building Design Flexibility with Corian? Exterior. Cladding Material. Large panels. Large panels can be easily built up by adhering standard panels with inconspicuous, reinforced seams.【Get Price】

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A ventilated facade is a cladding system with an air cushion or cavity immediately behind which provides with a drainage, ventilation and thermal solution. of air between the outside and the cavity behind the cladding panels, providing the solution for venting any moisture away from the facade, improving the thermal 【Get Price】

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LIGHTWEIGHT VENTILATED AND. EXTERNAL WALL INSULATION SYSTEM. FACADES. Construction II. Mineral Construction. 2nd year. Construction Area. Academic Year 2014- .. -Can use alternative materials such as cellular glass or natural wool. .. thermal insulation layers and the ventilation degree of the cavity.【Get Price】

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Metal panels, holed and ashlared sheets and metal mesh to make complete facades. And then, natural and reconstituted stone finishes, wooden sheets and laminated transparent or opaque plastic layers for bright and colorful facades. From the traditional materials to the most innovative ones like the Corian?, the Hi-Macs? 【Get Price】

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Shackerley is the UK's leading manufacturer of fire resistant ceramic granite and porcelain stone ventilated facade systems, rainscreens and curtain walls. NEOPARIES Crystallised Glass provides a premium finish in a purer white than can be achieved with any other cladding material, delivering the effect of marble but 【Get Price】

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The specification for the cladding was originally for zinc, but at the request of the client and home owner, this was switched to DuPont ? Corian? - the multi-talented material which is increasingly being used to create distinctive, high-performance ventilated facades. Offering longevity, versatility, good fire-rating, UV 【Get Price】


It has a density of 1750 kg/m3, a grade 2-3 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness and a bending strength of up to 70.1 MPa. In addition to interior applications, this material can be used for exterior cladding in ventilated facade systems, providing that expansion joints are installed as required (α=30,0 x 10-6 K-1). The panels 【Get Price】