Age and Youth in Action



Membership and Board Meetings are held monthly — generally on Saturdays at 10:30.

Program Planning Meetings — varying times depending upon schedules of those doing the planning.

Please contact the Gray Panthers office at 612-822-1011 for meeting details.

We are currently working on

  • Somali Women of Minneapolis to address issues of injustice and concern to them
  • Planning an intergenerational discussion event
  • Organizing ageism workshops with organizations
  • Fighting hard on health care reform. We continue to support a single payer system as the most affordable, accessible and effective solution, yet are also working with others to ensure that some form of public option for health care be included in legislation
  • Working with the Minnesota Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN-Mn) and Senior Organization Network (SON) on their legislative agendas
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Ripening: Thoughts About Aging and Ageism


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