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How to remove the plastic film on ceramic tiles?- Ask .

Use air heater to heat the film. And then it can be teared off directly. If there is a layer of wax on the surface of ceramic tiles, wipe the film with bean flour.【Get Price】

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What is the best way of removing these? Bonus question: . How to remove old vinyl tiles? . You should be able to buy floor adhesive remover to get the stuff off .【Get Price】

How to remove the plastic tiles on the floor tiles- Ask .

If it is polished tiles, tiles, and ceramic or ceramic tile surface without glaze, or water absorption rate is relatively high, you need to use alcohol or water for a .【Get Price】

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Best Answer: easiest way to remove tiles is get an ordinary household steam iron set on highest setting without steam, lay newspaper or similar between iron and tile and iron away then use paint scraper to prize tiles away from floor this is simple i have done it dozens of times before! once all tiles are up evo stik make a solvent that removes cured adhesive can be bought in builders merchants local diy stores etc onece floor is clean reccommend laying a self levelling laytex based flooring .【Get Price】

How do I safely and cleanly remove sealant from a plastic .

You might have to resort to good old fashioned elbow grease. The sealant should come off the tiles the easiest, both mechanically by scraping with a plastic edge .【Get Price】

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How to Remove Vinyl Flooring, . you might find it easier to remove just one tile and then you can get the floor scraper under the . Any questions should be posted .【Get Price】

Removing Vinyl Tiles This Old House

Removing Vinyl Tiles. . removes vinyl tiling from hardwood flooring. Is this . of making the tiles so brittle that they crack away and you can remove them.【Get Price】

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Easy way to remove vinyl floor tiles In my home MoneySaving . If you have any questions please read our Forum Rules and FAQs.【Get Price】

What can I do to remove these stains from granite tile .

I think the marks are likely to be composed of oil, plastic, or metal filings. If oil, a solvent might help. If plastic or filings, you need to physically remove the particles, usually by abrading the surface to release them. If solvents have failed, I suspect the marks are not oil.【Get Price】

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How to Remove Wall Tiles. . than removing floor tiles because wall tiles are typically set very close together, . How do I remove very old plastic wall tiles?【Get Price】

How Do You Remove Tile Adhesive?

Removing tile adhesive is best done by drenching or soaking the adhesive with water, according to SFGate. Mastic, which is the most common organic compound in tile adhesive, is not water resistant. To remove excess adhesive after removing the tiles, soak several towels or cloths in water. Then, place them over the adhesive.【Get Price】

How to replace a damaged tile

Learn how to replace a chipped or damaged tile while taking care not . Fitting Wall Tiles; Laying Floor Tiles; How to Replace a . How to remove and replace tiles.【Get Price】

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Removing plastic wall tiles. . but they are plastic. I would like to remove them and replace with beadboard. . Please ask a question or give a tip!【Get Price】

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? Flooring Questions . 1950's floor tiles. asbestos? really a problem? . double bag the tiles .【Get Price】

How to remove plastic-y film from stone tile I just purchased?

We just purchased some lovely stone tile, but a few of the tiles are covered in a plastic-y film that is nearly impossible to remove. The .【Get Price】

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Flooring Question Removing ceramic floor tiles. I currently have ceramic floor tiles which have been . If this is possible how would the builder remove these tiles?【Get Price】

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You can tile over the current tiles, . ? Bathroom Fitting Questions . Bathroom Fitting Question Can you tile over tiles or should you remove all of the old ones .【Get Price】

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Plastic tiles are a harder version of vinyl tiles and can be used on both floors and walls. Like vinyl tiles, they use an adhesive that grows stronger over time, rather than drying out. This makes removing the tiles a challenging process, because once the tiles themselves come up, the adhesive needs to be removed separately.【Get Price】

How to Remove Plastic Deck Tiles

How to Remove Plastic Deck Tiles How to Remove . Use your hammer to break up the first tile. Remove all the . Answers to Vinyl Floor and Tile Question.【Get Price】

How to Remove Plastic Tile Flooring Home Guides SF Gate

If your plastic floor tiles are damaged or outdated, you can remove them yourself. Plastic tiles are harder than typical vinyl tiles, though, so you'll have to use a slightly different process when removing the flooring.【Get Price】

How to Remove Plaster from Floor Tiles

Large chunks of plaster should be easy to chip off. Use a plastic windshield scraper for best results with the least amount of risk to the floor. If your tile is not sealed or coated, contact the manufacturer for advice before proceeding.【Get Price】