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ti_joinusJoin Us and Become a Member of the National Gray Panthers Too

This means joining an intergenerational movement of people working across the ages – age and youth in action.

Join activists dedicated to social change, working on society’s toughest problems—peace and social justice—(housing, jobs, health care, the environment, ageism, sexism, and racism, etc.). The Gray Panthers create a national agenda set by local networks from around the country.

The Twin Cities Gray Panthers is a member of Community Solutions Fund — achieving social justice in Minnesota.

By joining us you become a part of the Community Solutions Fund organizations that unite communities and challenge injustice by working to change laws, hearts, and minds, building the legacy of progressive policy and social justice.

How To Join Twin Cities Gray Panthers

  • Individual member $30.00
  • Family membership $50.00
  • Student membership $10.00
    (Memberships are tax deductible)

Click here to download the membership form.

Send Check To
Twin Cities Gray Panthers
3249 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis. MN 55408

With your check, please also send your name, (for a family membership list all family members), address, phone, and email. Because of our intergenerational focus and our belief that aging is ok, we like to collect information on the ages of our members, so please send that information as well if you are willing. If you have a special interest or issue you would like to work on please indicate.

Membership means you are automatically a member of the National Gray Panthers.

Membership means that you are working to support social justice and committing yourself to learning how to do this intergenerationally.

Join Us
Join our group and Become a Member of the National Gray Panthers Too!
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