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Ripening: Thoughts About Aging and Ageism

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This video presents a rich tapestry of voices and images on the subject of aging and ageism. It explores the thoughts and experiences of twelve uniquely diverse individuals, ranging from 8 to 85 years of age. The video is narrated by the producer from Blue Moon Productions as he is nearing his 40th birthday. His reflections approaching that milestone are woven throughout the video.

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Ripening: Thoughts About Aging and Ageism was created by the Twin Cities Gray Panthers to explore ageism and its affects in society.

  • Guides are available for different audiences; in each guide there are 3 sections to engage the viewers of the video: — looking at one’s personal experience, cultural norms, and institutional roadblocks. For example, The Ageism Workplace Guide asks people to look at (1) Ageism in Your Life: Getting Personal, (2) Ageism in Employment: Its Impact on Work and Workers and (3) Ageism at Your Workplace: Workplace Culture and Practices.
  • TCGP can also provide training to accompany the video. Call for information or to arrange a workshop.

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Ageism Video

Ripening: Thoughts About Aging and Ageism


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