Age and Youth in Action


MaryLee Stringer - The Concerned Photographer

MaryLee Stringer – The Concerned Photographer

Work for social and economic justice and peace for all people.


The Gray Panthers is a movement for social change.

The Gray Panthers includes people of all ages organized to fight everywhere the injustices of ageism, sexism and racism and to promote peace and social and economic justice.

Gray Panthers is a liberation movement.


To advocate for fundamental changes in areas of multigenerational concern that would eliminate injustices, discrimination and oppression based on age, sex, race.

To help create a more humane and socially responsible society that puts the needs of people over profits, responsibility over power and democracy over institutions.

To foster the concept of aging as growth during the individuals total life span

Principles for Action

Every American should have the opportunity to live in a society where there is social justice.

Every American should have the opportunity to develop to their full potential and to live with respect and dignity.

Every American’s race, culture and heritage should be viewed as both a personal strength and resources for our society.

The social compact should operate from an intergenerational perspective, viewing the generations as resources not rivals.

Public policy should ensure that programs are designed to promote equity.

Public policy should be analyzed for its impact on social justice.

Distinctive Characteristics

Intergenerational, multi-issue, progressive activists

Radical and action-oriented, advocates for social change

Coalition of people of all ages

Challengers confronting ageism all around us

Protesters voicing outrage against injustices

“Constructive disrupters”


Justice for all

Dignity of aging

Unifying the generations

Active engagement

Participatory democracy

Local autonomy

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