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History of Twin Cities Gray Panthers

The TCGP started in 1972 at the University of Minnesota as a program of the student YWCA and has sustained its primary focus on ageism. As a part of the National Gray Panthers, TCGP has provided leadership in both confronting ageism and promoting intergenerational programming at the national level. Over the years the network has completed a number of special projects – age sensitive greeting cards, Resources Not Rivals workshops, and the Ripening video.

Twin Cities Gray Panthers Timeline
  • 2005

    Gray Panthers Twin Cities Web site launched

  • 2004

    Sally Brown, local GP, elected Chair of National Gray Panther Board

  • 2003

    Hosted party to view Carry It Forward video featuring Paul Wellstone’s activism

  • 2002

    Presented Ripening Video at National Conference for American Gerontological Society

  • 1998

    Hosted book-signing party for release of Ann Gerike’s book: Old Is Not a Four Letter Word

  • 1996

    Created and produced video: Ripening: Thoughts About Aging and Ageism

  • 1992

    Wrote National Gray Panther issue paper on social justice

  • 1990

    Grace Warfield Memorial Scholarship Fund created upon Grace’s death

  • 1989

    Series of workshops on health care and education system inequities

    Hosted GP Mid-America Regional Conference-Resources Not Rivals at Wilder Forest

  • 1987

    Workshops on the Judicial System: Ageism, Sexism, and Patient’s Rights in the Courts

  • 1985

    Maggie Kuhn’s 80th Birthday Bash at Landmark Center in Saint Paul

  • 1982

    Boycott Hallmark Card Stores-“This Card is Injurious to Healthy Aging” slips placed inside ageist cards/ NPR “All Things Considered” covered the story

  • 1981

    Creating An Age Integrated Society Issue Paper in preparation for National White House Conference on Aging

  • 1980s

    Street Theater Performances/Ageism Media Watch

    Ageism Training in the workplace/Ageism workshops at conferences and conventions

  • 1980

    Age Sensitive Card Project

  • 1972

    Growing Up to be Old and Okay—conference held at the new YWCA building on the Mall

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