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maggie_group-clrAbout The Gray Panthers

The Twin Cities Gray Panthers is a private, non-profit organization committed to social justice — working across the ages on health care, family security, employment, civic engagement, and the issue of ageism. The Twin Cities Gray Panthers is about empowering people to work together to solve problems facing the whole society. It is a movement composed of individuals of all ages. The Twin Cities Gray Panthers is part of the National Gray Panthers organization that has local networks throughout the country.

The Gray Panthers is a Liberation Movement

Gray Panthers look at the root causes, not just the symptoms of problems. Gray Panthers identify with social movements (racial, ethnic, women, peace, and glbt movements). We challenge, in non-violent and constructive ways, believing that thinking and action go hand-in-hand. Social analysis is a critical tool for Gray Panthers. Gray Panthers call for a massive redistribution of opportunities and privileges as well as major ideological and cultural changes.

What We Are
  • Radical “constructive disrupters”
  • Activists working for social justice
  • Intergenerational
  • Dedicated to changing people’s attitudes about aging
  • Dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people
  • Dedicated to the elimination of ageism
  • Networks of people around the country
What We Are Not
  • A seniors organization
  • A social service provider
  • A vested group for the elderly
  • A social organization
  • Out to win points for older people at the expense of other age groups
  • All old

Gray Panthers started as a movement connecting the power of older people with the young for issues on the cutting edge of social change.

Together the old and young have experience and freedom to be transformational.

Our goal is to utilize the wasted and often disregarded talents of the old and the new knowledge of the young to provide opportunities for each to work together on issues reflecting broad public interests. The old and young complement each other by sharing different insights, experiences and wisdom.

Our intergenerational coalition has only to gain when we combine energies to form a new power base. It is a significant energizing force that empowers us, giving new direction and hope.

To achieve our goals of unity and liberation, we are willing to work with anyone who can help: young, old, middle-aged, third world militants and paragons of the establishment. Our coalition of all ages recognizes that the old are the age group most oppressed and their needs and empowerment are our major priority. It is for this reason that many Gray Panther programs and projects are geared to the old, particularly advocacy for the elderly poor.

We view aging not as a problem to be avoided, but as experience to be integrated into the total life span.

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